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Since I started Halotherapy, I have found that I have been able to breath better. My allergies do not seem to leave me as congested as usual, and I have been able to decrease the amount of medications needed to control the signs and symptoms.


When I first cam I was very skeptical, that just sitting in a salt chamber would help with the pain I was having in my whole face, my lungs front and back areas. At first I just noticed that I could breath easier but as I had around the 7&8th treatment I was able to take deep breaths and the facial was 85% gone. When I had completed 10 sessions I noticed also that at least 85% of back & chest pain was elliminated. Thank you, thank-you, thank-you.


I had a rattle in my chest for well over a year. My asthma medication wouldn’t touch it. I would get lightheaded when I exercised because of it. In a few sessions, the rattle disappeared, my allergies decreased and my breathing improved significantly! Now I can exercise again and I am so happy.


I am so pleased that we found out about Halotherapy at The Rock Spa. My 16 yr old son has been suffering with severe skin inflamation on his face for almost a year, causing him to miss the entire school year. We started daily treatments (which he says is very relaxing) 3 weeks ago and he has a 60% improvement in this time frame. I would highly recommend this therapy as it has provided miraculous results and as a Parent I’m grateful to found The Rock Spa.

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