Crystal Bed Chakra Healing

"When you really listen to yourself, you can heal yourself"
  • Crystal Bed Chakra Healing

    Designed by the Divine Light Beings that work through the renowned Brazilian Healer called John of God, this treatment is a type of Chromotherapy or colour therapy.

    It is a powerful mixture of light, color and crystal radiation that positively influences the body, its tissue, cells, organs, skin, mind and spirit to stimulate self-healing.

  • 20 Minutes - $20
  • 60 Minutes - $45
  • 1 Month Unlimited - $200


Crystal Bed

Crystal Bed Chakra Healing

John of God (Brazillian) Crystal Light Chakra Therapy

Your Healing Experience:

Energy or vibrational medicine has become a very popular alternative healing therapy. It is the medicine of the future.

Crystal beds are purchased directly from the Casa of Dom Inácio de Loyola, Brazil with permission from John of God. The guidance of qualified facilitator, also granted permission by John of God, provides the best results. The Crystal Bed is a portal through which distance healing is made possible by the Casa Entities. It promotes energy healing and is tailored for your individual healing. Each session is unique and people report a variety of experiences.

Crystal Light Bed Healing is the ultimate life enhancing experience because of the profound work being done on all levels of the body, by the spiritual doctors. The results & benefits outweigh many other healing therapies available.

Designed by the Divine Light Beings that work through the renowned Brazilian Medium /Healer called John of God, this treatment is a type of Chromotherapy or colour therapy. It is a powerful mixture of light, color and crystal radiation that positively influences the body, its tissue, cells, organs, skin, mind and spirit to stimulate self-healing.

A treatment session is very relaxing and comfortable. The client lies down on a massage table and is made very comfortable with pillows, a soft eye cover and a blanket. The seven clear quartz crystals suspended above the body emit the healing colour, light and crystal frequencies, accompanied by soft music provided by the Casa.

The process opens, cleanses and balances your etheric field, raising the frequency of your energy bodies to enable a team of spiritual surgeons to perform deep healing work on all levels of your body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The specific purpose of using a crystal light bed is to bring about electromagnetic balance within the body, to balance energy meridians and to create alignment between the physical body and the auric layers of our energy field.

It is an ancient practice dating back to late Atlantis times, combining the power of colour
and crystal light frequencies using an array of specially cut and lighted quartz crystals. The application of light is then beamed through a lamp.

The health-giving effects of crystal therapy result from the vibration of the crystals resonating with the water in our cells and tissues, giving a similar effect to energised water as described by Dr. Emoto. Structured water has increased surface tension and bonding properties. It is the pure state of water found in the healthy cell tissue. Cancer cells and other unhealthy cells contain unstructured water.

Many people have reported transformational experiences, spiritual direction, emotional
blockage clearances, clearer and deeper meditation sessions, physical healing sensations and much more energy and vitality.

One of the more interesting physical transformations constantly talked about amongst those who use the crystal light bed therapy is the ANTI AGING effect it has. A youthful glow to the face and skin is very noticeable when the energy field is rejuvenated and the results can be quite visible.

The crystal bed sessions are run in accordance with the guidelines of the Brazilian Casa and clients are also asked to wear white or light coloured clothing only. Black or dark colours make it more difficult for the spiritual doctors to see into the energy field around the body.

Ulymar has been given permission to become a Group Leader at this wonderful healing
sanctuary in the mountains of Brazil and currently takes small groups of people, giving personal and quality care to all those who travel with him. Everyone has life-changing experiences, and all want to return after taking this most wondrous journey. Learn more!


John of God (Brazilian) Crystal Light Bed Therapy

Your Healing experience

  • Balances your chakras (rebalance your life energy)
  • Stimulates your immune system
  • Creates a positive influence on your cell communication
  • Calms and rebalances your nervous system
  • Restores function of your hormonal system
  • Decreases pain, spasms and muscular dysfunctions
  • Releases negative emotions such as depression, grief, fear, anger, jealousy and hatred
  • Cleanses the physical and spiritual body of negative energy
  • Opens all of the energetic centres of the spiritual and physical body
  • Stimulates the development of spiritual awareness
  • Continue the healing started at the Casa de Dom Inácio
  • Totally vitalizes and purifies your mind, body and spirit
  • Has an anti-depressive and tranquilizing effect
  • A tangible awareness that a presence is working on the body is experienced as heat, movement, or tingling sensations
  • Feelings of relaxation and peace
  • A deep, restful sleep
  • A redefined sense of life purpose
  • An abundant feeling of peace and well-being

Etiquette & Guidelines

Crystal Light Chakra Therapy (John of God Crystal Bed)

Guidelines & Etiquette

Entities of Light are able to come and assist you in your healing process while followng Casa protocols:

  • Crystal bath session requires prior appointment. A session is either 20, 40 or 60 minutes in length.
  • Arrive 20 minutes early on your first visit to fill out a form and for brief orientation.
  • Come wearing comfortable, white or light colored clothing for the session: no black, navy, dark brown.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume or scented cosmetics at The Rock Spa.
  • Leave coats, shoes and boots in the changing room.
  • Foot covers are provided, and must be worn in The Rock Spa. Please keep these and bring them to your next session.
  • Please use the restroom, wash your hands.
  • No food or drinks, including water, are allowed in the crystal bed room.
  • Please keep voices low in the hallway rand verbal silence during therapy sessions.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off at all times in The Rock Spa rooms and halls.
  • You are left alone in the healing room and lay under the Crystal Bed Lights while listening to Casa music.
  • At the beggining and end of the session you are offered a glass of blessed Casa Holy Water.
  • It is advisable to limit caffeine 24 hours before and after each session.
  • Drink sufficient amounts of water to assist in the release of toxins and residual energies from the body.
  • Come with an open mindset of relaxed receptivity to experience the greatest result. Have an attitude of letting go and allowing. You may also come with a specific intention or prayer for what you want help with.
  • A Crystal Light treatment is safe and non-invasive.
  • You will remove your shoes and glasses, any jewelry and lie fully clothed on a massage table. The seven quartz crystals are suspended approximately 12 inches above your body and aligned over your chakras or energy centers.
  • Once you are settled and comfortable, a cloth is placed over your eyes and the lights that move through the crystals are turned on.
  • With soft music playing, you will be guided into a state of relaxation and will focus on your intention for the session.
  • All you need do is relax in a meditative state and the lights and crystals and healing energies will do the rest, producing a cleansing, balancing, and aligning effect on your body, mind, and spirit.
  • It is advisable to have at least 3 to 5 sessions to receive maximum benefits.
  • Your experience is completely individual and is unique to your needs, intentions, and levels of awareness. Individual experiences will range from a calming, relaxing session to a life-altering healing experience.


Frequent Asked Questions

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How long is a session?

What makes a Crystal Bath so special?

Where did the concept for the Crystal Beds come from?

Who is John of God?

Who are the spirit guides or 'entities' that work through John Of God?

What is the Casa de Dom Inácio?

The energy of the sacred heart of Jesus heals through the Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God, and the Crystal Light Healing Beds.”

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