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"The part can never be well unless the whole is well."
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    News Headlines:

    "Workplace Wellness Programs Cut Health Care Costs and Hospital Admissions" - January edition of Health Affairs

  • "Corporate wellness, once perceived as a warm and fuzzy feel-good practice, is now considered a bottom line driver, according to industry experts. - Indianapolis Business Journal


Wellness In The Workplace

Corporate Wellness Programs

Are designed to nurture wellness in workers, regardless of the work environment. Corporate Wellness programs could be found in factories, corporate offices, large corporations, and small corporations alike.

Corporate Wellness is among the most vital investments that a company can make. Businesses that start Corporate Wellness programs aren’t only investing in the physical wellness, safety, and mental health of their employees, but are also taking preventive measures by creating a healthier environment.

By starting a Corporate Wellness program, corporations are able to improve the overall productivity and are able to save money on health care expenses. Often, corporations are concerned about the actual wellness ROI (return on investment) but the fact is that by encouraging healthier lifestyles, corporations are creating healthier employees who will work more diligently and miss fewer days of work due to illness.

The Rock Spa
is a revolutionary and unique destination designed to help you create a healthier body, mind and spirit. Salt & Floatation Therapy, Breathing Exercises, Massage and Energy Healing methods can help reduce blood pressure, increase your energy, be more relaxed and feel more positive about your life.

The Rock Shop
is a haven of crystals, gemstones, and jewelry as well as Himalayan salt lamps. Whether you’re looking for healing stones, home décor or shopping for that special someone, you’ll find it at The Rock Shop. The incredible energy that is radiated by the large crystal and gemstone inventory helps you feel energized and uplifted by just walking in.

We are the region’s trendsetters in health and wellness!

We have a state-of-the-art unique & healing Salt Cave designed to assist and support:
  • Cleansing airways, nasal cavities, toxins and pollutants
  • Decreases likelihood of catching a cold, flu and other illness
  • Enhances endurance, stamina, circulation, mood, sleep and so much more
We also have a Floatation Pod which focuses on these benefits:
  • Reduction of pain, inflammation and overall stress levels
  • Decreases anxiety, depression
  • Improves energy levels and sleep quality
  • Strengthens immune system
We offer Therapeutic Healing by using the following new-age modalities:
  • Salt Therapy (Halotherapy)
  • NeuroSpa Energizing Station
  • Crystal Bed Chakra Healing
  • Amethyst Biomat
  • Brainwave Entrainment

Advantages of Employee and Customer Wellness Programs

  • 1
    What if you had access to an oasis of healing for the mind, body and spirit that directly benefited the wellness of your workplace environment?
  • 2
    Would you like to see an increase in revenue, customer/employee retention and repeat business?
  • 3
    Would the visible decrease in stress, employees that call in sick, and overall negativity in the workplace benefit you?
  • 4
    By ensuring that your employees have access to our oasis of healing, and with our Corporate plans and options – you will see the positive results.

We will work with any business, small to large and offer Wellness Solutions that WORK!

The Benefits for you, when you partner with The Rock Spa

We will:

  • Help provide tangible results to reduce stress, depression and unhappiness in the workplace
  • Support your staff by giving you options and healthy solutions for your business
  • Revitalize your team and overall mentality by having access to our healing centre and services
  • Increase productivity and a healthier employee environment
  • Increase revenue! When you have a healthy, happy team they will produce positive results at work.
  • Increase your employee retention AND new employee recruitment by helping to reduce stress levels significantly and offer an attractive employment package
  • Provide packages to appreciate staff & clients, and to recognize client loyalty
  • Offer workplace workshops and on-site information as well as education for your staff and clients
  • Suggest that insurance claims, sick days, and benefit needs will decrease
  • Create wellness solutions for your business because what we do works and you will notice the positive difference!

Corporate & Family Card

Corporate Wellness Responsibility:  Are you committed to creating and maintaining healthy employees?

1. Special Corporate & Family Floating Card Yearly Package

  • $528.00+/year (averages: $44/month)
  • 1 float a moth , 90 minutes per session
  • 15 % off retail merchandise at The Rock Shop each time you show your card for entire year of your membership
  • 10 % off regularly priced spa services at The Rock Spa each time you show your card for entire year
  • Each additional float is $40.00+ hst
  • 2-3 payment installations is acceptable for yearly cost.
  • Un-used floats roll over into next month

2. Special Corporate & Family Salt Therapy Card Yearly Package

  • $432 + hst/ year (averages: $36/month)
  • Unlimited salt sessions, 45 minutes per session
  • 15 % off regularly priced retail merchandise at The Rock Shop each time you show your card for the entire year of your membership
  • 10 % off regularly priced spa services at The Rock Spa each time you show your card for entire year of your membership
  • 2-3 payment installations is acceptable for yearly cost.

Additional Discounts

  • 5-9 members sign up for 5-9 packages = 10 % off each pkg
  • 10-29 members sign up for 19-29 packages = 15 % off each pkg
  • 30 + members sign up for 30 + packages = 20 % off each pkg

* You can mix and match with a combo of salt & float packages *

We can customize a corporate plan based on your business needs and size.

Gift Cards

Corporate Gift Cards & Employee/Client Loyalty

Giving back to your employees and current/new clients by offering wellness solutions isn’t just beneficial for them, it’s beneficial for you!

Imagine repeat business and positive word of mouth for your company while giving the gift of health & wellness all at the same time.

Buy Wellness in bulk and receive rewards!

When you purchase 5 Gift Cards or more:

$100.00 Gift Cards = $80 per card

You can choose to mix and match with a combo of cards from both The Rock Spa & The Rock Shop – you choose what you like!

Team Building

Team building and employee appreciation matters.

Feeling respected, appreciated, and mentally balanced increases wellness & productivity in the workplace and at home.

Book a team building & wellness day at The Rock Spa! Enjoy a relaxing environment where you can build team morale and positivity.

Team Building Package A:

  • Serves: 6 employees total Timeframe: 5 hours (10am-3pm)
  • Provided: Tables, Chairs, Projector, Projection Screen, Awareness Room, Coffee & Tea service in AM,
  • 15 % off retail products at The Rock Shop per person.
  • Wellness Investment: $300.00 for 5 hours, plus catering fees.
  • Fully customizable to your needs.

Team Building Package B:

  • Serves: 10 -12 employees Timeframe: 5 hours (10am-3pm)
  • Provided: Tables, Chairs, Projector, Projection Screen, Awareness Room, Coffee & Tea service in AM,
  • 20 % off retail products at The Rock Shop per person, and a free salt session vouchure.
  • Catering: Morning continental breakfast and lunch provided
  • Your Wellness Investment: $500.00 for 5 hours
  • Fully customizable to your needs.

“A Healing Centre using water, salt and breath”

Wellness in the Workplace

“Water. Salt. Life.”

Buteyko Breathing

The Ultimate Stress Relief

Healthy breathing and Buteyko

Breathing is the most important thing we do.

It affects all seven systems in our bodies very profoundly. If we have healthy breathing patterns, the whole body responds. When healthy breathing returns, the symptoms of our condition alleviate and begin to disappear.

As you feel better, you develop a stronger immune system and can become more active. This makes you more fit and better able to cope with your condition, so that eventually it is possible to be symptom free and have no need of medications.

What is your poor breathing costing you ?
Your health ? Your quality of life ? Your marriage ? Your job?

Buteyko is a clinically-proven, natural, safe breath retraining technique for stress-related diseases. It was given the highest grade of evidence GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma) assigns to any form of treatment. The goal of the information presented by The Rock Spa is to teach this clinically-proven breathing technique in order to increase the learner's energy, improve sleep and boost their immune system.

Benefits you may experience from improved breathing

  • Enjoy much better quality of sleep and eliminate snoring
  • Greatly reduce your absentee rate at work or school
  • Improve your athletic performance and reduce recovery time
  • Have greater understanding of your condition and learn to monitor it accurately
  • Find relief from the inconvenient and chronic conditions you have ‘learned to live with’
  • Engage in physical activity without fear of attack

Book Your Breathing Assessment Today

Address Stress

Address Stress Program

The ‘Address Stress’ 14-Day Program can change the way you think about stress, and help you reduce it in a simple, scientific and enjoyable way.

Address Stress Program

Address Stress

The program is 100% self supported and can be started at a time that suits you.

In as little as 30 minutes a day, over two short weeks… you can learn a set of skills and strategies with the power to bring greater balance, calm and clarity into your daily life.

Breaking the cycle of modern stress may be just a click away!

Price .00

We provide you with Total Wellness in your workplace!

“Prevention is the most powerful medicine”

Did you know?

  • 1 in 4 Canadians suffer from a mental health illness
  • In 2014, 60% of Canadians who called in sick to work stayed at home due to stress, anxiety, depression and more.

When we are relaxed, stress-free, we are able to restore our natural ability to heal.

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